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Announcement from Ukyo Sasahara

This year, Ukyo Sasahara has moved to the ThreeBond Racing and will be participating in the All-Japan Formula 3 Championship as a member of Honda Formula Dream Project (HFDP).
First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me to have such a great opportunity.
Last year in the FIA-F4 Japanese Championship, although I did everything I could do as a racing driver, I couldn’t win the Championship.
But those tough experiences have made me even stronger, and now I am very well prepared for the upcoming season.
A couple of years ago, I participated in the F3 European Championship also with the ThreeBond Racing.
We have a brand new F3 car this season and I am sure that we have become much more competitive.
Of course the All-Japan Formula 3 Championship is a quite professional series with high-level competition and I understand it is going to be another tough one for me, but I am pretty much convinced that I can show my capability in tougher situations.
Also in terms of the characteristics of the F3 car, I am sure that I can be more competitive compared with the F4 cars of last year.
The opening race is around the corner and I just can’t wait.
I would appreciate it if you could support me as always.

April 2018  Ukyo Sasahara