EXGEL Motor Sport

What’s EXGEL

EXGEL absorbs impacts and g-forces that racing drivers struggle with.
Enables to improve concentration on driving.

Minimize Pressure, Maximize Driving Performance

Compared to general-use urethaneEXGEL has ten or more times the shock absorbability.
EXGEL motorsport products protect drivers from intense g-forces and impacts.
Flexibility of EXGEL reduces shear forces and enables comfortable driving.
For safety and comfort of all drivers. EXGEL supports driver's performances.

3 Features of EXGEL

Impact, Pressure and Shear. EXGEL reduces these three stresses and supports drivers.

  • 衝撃を吸収する弾力性

    to absorb impact
    EXGEL absorbs impact and prevents
    bottoming out.

  • 圧力を分散する柔軟性

    to redistribute pressure
    EXGEL stretches about twenty times
    yet restore to its original shape.
    This flexibility redistributes pressure.

  • ズレに寄り添う流動性

    to reduce shear stress
    EXGEL moves along with the body’s
    natural movement and buffers shear stress.


Racing drivers are always struggling with impacts and pressure while driving.
Compared to general use urethane foam, EXGEL has ten or more times the shock absorbability.


Drop of golf ball from one meter height.
While the golf ball on urethane foam bounces
back almost half of the fall height,
it hardly bounces back on
EXGEL thanks to its shock absorbing ability.


Racing drivers are also under continuous shear stresses caused by g-forces.
Flexibility of EXGEL moves along with horizontal movement.

  • 実証、横の実力。
  • 実証、横の実力。

A peach was pressed and slid against
EXGEL and urethane foam.
While peach skin was damaged by
stress on urethane foam,
it was undamaged on EXGEL.