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FIA-F4 Suzuka Round Tsunoda achieved 5 consecutive wins!

Yuki Tsunoda with HFDP/SRS/Kochira Racing #5 dominated both 5th and 6th round held in Suzuka Circuit and extended his consecutive win to 5 which started from Okayama International Circuit and Fuji International Speedway round.
In 5th round, his teammate #6 Teppei Natori got 3rd place podium. Takuya Otaki with SRS/Kochira Racing #7 also secured 3rd place podium in 6th round. The young drivers from SRS – Suzuka Circuit Racing School have shown us brilliant performances.
P4 and P5 for Ren Sato with SRS/Kochira Racing #8, who is gradually expressing his potential abilities.
The next round will be held in Fuji International Speedway.
Please keep attention and rooting for the SRS drivers and riders sponsored by EXGEL Motorsport.