EXGEL Motor Sport

Japanese Karting Championship 2018 round 5 & 6 in Mobara Twin Circuit

Reports from 2 drivers supported by EXGEL Motorsport.
The difficult conditions from the last Honjo round continued and both drivers had a tough weekend.
Although they struggled mainly due to material issues, they did their very best they could do and gained a lot of experiences.
We hope that all the issues will be cleared before the next round in Sugo.
Please follow their activities in the Japanese Karting Championship.

#7 Sotaro Mimura
Time Trial: P6
Round 5 – Qualifying: P14, Final: DNF
Round 6 – Qualifying: P8, Final: P12

This weekend in Mobara was not what I expected, having lost pace sharply in the race distance.
Throughout round 5 and 6, I kept managing the tires to maintain grip, however in round 5 I had a technical issue which resulted in DNF, and I managed to get P12 in round 6 without enough grip at the end.
Since I had been confident with my ability to manage tires, these results were totally unexpected.
Now I should accept the results and try to improve my driving.
Of course I keep positive and do everything I can do to win in the next Sugo round.


#43 Shunsuke Minagi
Time Trial: P18
Round 5 – Qualifying: P12, Final: DNF
Round 6 – Qualifying: P17, Final: P19

I had a difficult weekend again.
All through the sessions, DUNLOP users struggled to keep the pace.
I managed to adjust the settings and my driving to changing track conditions, but we should have worked even more.
We have a lot to do before the next Sugo round.
I will do my best with my team and DUNLOP to improve the situation.
Thank you very much for supporting me.