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FIA-F4 Fuji Round – Double Podium Finishes for Tsunoda and Natori

HFDP/SRS/Kochira Racing’s #5 Yuki Tsunoda and #6 Teppei Natori achieved two consecutive podium finishes in 7th and 8th round held in Fuji Speedway, and succeeded in extending their points for the championship.
SRS/Kochira Racing’s #8 Ren Sato got 6th place in 8th round, showing his remarkable progress in the series.
As the results of Fuji round, #5 Yuki Tsunoda still leads the championship with a huge advantage, #6 Teppei Natori is quite close to the 2nd, and #8 Ren Sato climbed 2 ranks up to 7th by scoring points steadily.
We hope that SRS drivers will show us strong race again and claim victory in the next round to be held in Sugo.
Please keep attention and rooting for the SRS drivers and riders sponsored by EXGEL Motorsport.