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FIA-F4 SUGO Round – Natori and Tsunoda dominated SUGO

HFDP/SRS/Kochira Racing’s #6 Teppei Natori and #5 Yuki Tsunoda made a victory in round 9 and 10 of the FIA-F4 Japanese Championship held at Sportsland SUGO.
#8 Ren Sato also did a brilliant job in round 10, taking full advantage of the difficult track conditions and finished first. Although he got penalized for overtaking under yellow flag, he showed his exceptional capability and impressed spectators.
#7 Takuya Otaki had hard luck in qualifying and was forced to start from the tail end, however he performed dramatic overtaking show and seized 6th place in round 9.
As the results of SUGO round, #5 Yuki Tsunoda still takes a big lead in the championship, followed by #6 Teppei Natori in 2nd place. #8 Ren Sato competes hard to be the best rookie of this year.
Only 2 rounds to go and we hope the SRS drivers will achieve their best results.
Please keep attention and rooting for the SRS drivers and riders sponsored by EXGEL Motorsport.