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EXGEL Race Car First Challenge Program launched

October 18, 2018
EXGEL Motorsport (KAJI Corporation, President Kaname OGAWA) launched “EXGEL Race Car First Challenge Program” in order to create an opportunity for young kart drivers to experience a race car.
Using the race car VITA, which is known as suitable for beginners, EXGEL Motorsport provides circuit drive experiences with the support of monocolle motorsport.
Simulator training and drive analysis are also included so that the first experience will be more fruitful.
Miki Onaga, who is participating in DNC EXGEL Kobe Series this year, has been nominated for the first driver of the program.
The Okinawa based driver had only experienced kart races, and visited Suzuka Circuit for the first time in her life.
Miki Onaga improved the pace gradually after the formation lap, and finished the session showing her capability of driving.
We will keep you posted regarding the program.

Comments from Miki Onaga:
Hello this is Miki Onaga, a kart driver from Okinawa.
Thanks to EXGEL Motorsport, I got a chance to drive a VITA at Suzuka Circuit.
I was pretty excited to drive on the wide track of Suzuka Circuit full course with the stick on the right that was also new to me, because I had never drove outside kart tracks.
It was hard to keep cool on the first and the second lap, but I managed to control the car and myself with the joy of mastering the track and the car.
There are a lot of devices on the race car unlike a kart, and I have to steer much more, also the feeling of the tires through the suspensions is very different, so everything was totally new to me.
I made some mistakes with shifting and it was also difficult to keep pace, but I’m feeling positive for my progress and excited about my future possibilities.
Having experienced race car driving, I’m determined to push myself to the limit although any car’s performances are limited.
I’m sure that today will be an important day in my life as a driver.
Thanks a lot for the precious opportunity.