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Yuto Nomura became the youngest champion in DNC EXGEL Series

DNC – DUNLOP NEXT CUP EXGEL Series has come to the final round at Festika Circuit Mizunami on November 11th.
Takuma Misawa, a former Japanese Karting Championship driver recorded the fastest time in free practice.
The series title leader Yuto Nomura ended up with 5th in free practice, and it was the beginning of heated competitions.
Hitoshi Sakai made a surprising debut, taking the first place in time trial.
The 12 year-old driver from Shizuoka prefecture showed brilliant speed in the final round, although it was his first participation in DNC.
Shuma Shimakage took 2nd, followed by Yuto Nomura and Shuma Shimizu who were competing for the series title.
Hitoshi Sakai dominated the tough battles in qualifying heat too.
Shuma Shimizu took 2nd place, and Takuma Misawa came 3rd, while Yuto Nomura had an incident in the final lap and ended up with 5th again.
Final heat started with a great start by Shuma Shimizu, however Yuto Nomura overtook him in the beginning and took a lead for a few laps.
And it was Hitoshi Sakai again, who didn’t let Yuto Nomura lead easily.
The tough battle continues until the final lap, and Yuto Nomura succeeded in securing the 1st place after pushing hard to the limit in the last 2 laps.
Hitoshi Sakai took 2nd really close to Yuto Nomura, and Takuma Misawa got 3rd place surviving through the intense battles.
By dominating the final round, Yuto Nomura became the youngest champion driver of DNC.
The scholarship by Dunlop went to Yuto Nomura and Shuma Shimizu.
“MC-FORTUNE Award” went to Hitoshi Sakai as the most valuable driver, who showed his brilliant talent throughout the weekend.
Thank you very much for your attention on DNC EXGEL Series this year.

On the same day, “J4” – a karting event for kids was held. Everyone enjoyed the race with rental karts supported by EXGEL, with nice battles everywhere on the track.