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FIA-F4 2019 Opening Round – First Win for Sato and Miyake!

After a long break, FIA-F4 2019 season finally started at Okayama International Circuit.
SRS/Kochira Racing’s #7 Ren Sato took his first win in the season opener of his second year in the FIA-F4.
HFDP/SRS/Kochira Racing’s #5 Atsushi Miyake, who won the scholarship of SRS-Formula last year, also achieved his first win in the second round.
Despite SRS/Kochira Racing’s #6 Kakunoshin Ota showed his remarkable speed, he experienced a difficult weekend having a lot to learn.

Throughout the opening round, SRS drivers proved their capabilities and made a good start.
Please keep attention and rooting for the SRS drivers and riders sponsored by EXGEL Motorsport again this year.