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Miki Onaga participates in the VITA of Asia

Miki Onaga participates in the VITA of Asia that takes place with the Suzuka Race of Asia on June 22-23 2019.
The Okinawa based driver who experienced EXGEL Race Car First Challenge Program is now making a debut in a competitive race that a lot of talented Asian drivers will compete.
Thanks to the special cooperation of Monocolle Motorsport, EXGEL Motorsport supports young drivers’ challenges.

Miki Onaga Comments:
Thanks to the support of EXGEL Motorsport, I got a chance to race in the VITA of Asia.
It will be my biggest challenge ever in my life because I don’t have enough experience with the semi-formula car at the full course of Suzuka, but I feel so excited and motivated for it.
I keep pushing whatever happens and never give up!
I have dedicated myself to cars and motorsport.
Race is not easy.
That’ why I love it.
I will do my best to show exciting races for everyone who supports me.
MIki Onaga