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First victory for Yuto Nomura in the Japanese Karting Championship

Yuto Nomura takes his first career win in the Japanese Karting Championship FS-125 category held at Kart Soleil Mogamigawa on August 25th 2019.
By scoring full marks at Mogamigawa, Yuto takes a lead in points standings.
Next stop is the FIA Karting World Championship, the biggest challenge for him.
Keep your eye on Yuto Nomura and his competition.

Time Trial P1
Pre Final P1
Final P1

Comment from Yuto Nomura:
I kept good pace from the beginning of the race week for the round 4 of the Japanese Karting Championship at Mogamigawa.
Also I kept confidence for the race.
Although the morning session of the free practice day was cancelled due to the heavy rain, I kept cool and concentrated for the competition.
I was determined to win this round, because I couldn’t take a win in the previous 3 rounds.
As a result, I managed to get P1 in the Time Trial, P1 in the Pre Final and P1 in the Final, perfect win for me.
Thank you very much my mechanic Masuda-san and Tsukiyama-san.
Finally I can contribute my win to everyone who has supported me.
I will do my best in the last 2 rounds in the Japanese Karting Championship.

Yuto Nomura