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EXGEL WORLD CHALLENGE 2019 Report: Free Practice and Qualifying Practice

September 6, 2019

The official session of the FIA KARTING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP has finally started at Alaharma, Finland.
The three Japanese drivers supported by EXGEL Motorsport have finished their test menu and now they compete against the world’s top level drivers from all over the world.
Here are their comments after tough sessions on Friday.


“This is my first participation in the Karting World Championship.
Today I had a good feeling on the dry track and not so bad on the wet.
The sky was clear and the track was dry. I had tested some different setup and it went well.
In the Qualifying Practice, I tried to resort slipstreaming but I didn’t have enough space, then I couldn’t improve my time.
I was not really happy with the result because I had better pace in the Free Practice.”


Shunsuke MINAGI
“Through the practice sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, I managed to improve my driving and the setup although the weather was unstable.
However I couldn’t make an expected lap in very limited time today in the Qualifying Practice.
The result was no good, but my driving and setup are getting better and better.
I will do my best to improve the position in coming Qualifying Heats that start tomorrow.”


“My pace was not bad when I managed to control the kart from beginning, and it was getting better in the morning session today.
However I changed the setup in the Qualifying Practice which didn’t work.
There was a huge gap from the top, and even if the setup was good, my time could have only been better like 0.2 seconds.
This is the gap between myself and the world class drivers.
Tomorrow is another day and I will do everything I can perform.”