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EXGEL WORLD CHALLENGE 2019 Report: Final Day

September 8, 2019
The FIA KARTING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 has come to a climax on Sunday to determine the World Champion of the year.
Yuto NOMURA, Shunsuke MINAGI and Turbo ASAHI did their very best in the world’s flagship event, but none of them got qualified to the Final.
Although the results was not they hoped for, their first participation in the international competition was quite meaningful for them.
We are sure that they will become much stronger in the domestic championship.
Thank you very much from Alaharma, Finland.
Hope to see you soon!


“Today I had one Free Practice and one Qualifying Heat.
I chose wet tires in the Free Practice session on a half-wet condition.
My pace was good and I was in the top 10 in the group.
I pushed hard in the last Qualifying Heat, but unfortunately I ran into a slow kart and penalized for the front fairing.
I was well prepared and determined for the world title event, but the competition was beyond my imagination and I couldn’t become the finalist.
I will do my best to be stronger so that I can compete well against world’t top drivers.”


Shunsuke MINAGI
“First of all, I would like to thank you to EXGEL and everyone who supported me for my challenge.
I really appreciate it.
All of my experiences were precious that I can never do in Japan.
The competition was completely different from the Japanese OK category and it’s been quite difficult for me to adjust myself to it.
Overall my challenge was incredibly meaningful because I learned quite a lot and found what I should do.
In gratitude for the supports, I’m determined to be a better driver.”


“In the last Qualifying Heat on Sunday, I pushed really hard from the beginning, but 14th position was the best I could get due to lack of fundamental speed.
I feel really disappointed that I couldn’t get qualified for the Final.
At the same time, I feel satisfied with what I have done in every heat.
I found that I still have to be matured as a driver.
It’s been a fantastic week to find a lot of new things even though the results was not I wanted.
I want to be back here to perform better than this time.
Thank you all for the supports from Japan.
I will do my best to show you good races back in Japan.”