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Race Report: The Japanese Karting Championship Motegi Round

The Japanese Karting Championship took place at Twin Ring Motegi North Short Course on November 16th – 17th 2019.
In the FS-125 category, Yuto Nomura brilliantly took the 2019 series title of the championship despite he had struggled with pace.
Shunsuke Minagi in the OK category had also aimed to seize the title, but couldn’t have enough speed to complete his mission.
However, Shunsuke secured 4th place in the championship which is a remarkable progress since last year.
Ren Sato, who competed in the World Karting Championship with EXGEL, participated in this round and took the 3rd place podium, showing his exceptional talent.
Thank you very much for supporting the EXGEL’s drivers this season!


Comment from Yuto Nomura:
Qualifying Practice P4
Pre Final P7
Final P8
I desired to win in the final round to be the champion of the season.
I kept good pace from beginning of the race week setting fastest laps, and I was confident to win.
However as the track condition began to change from Free Practice, Qualifying Practice and to Qualifying, I couldn’t adjust my driving well and the Final turned out to be a tough one.
Defending my position was very difficult, but somehow I was able to become the champion of this year.
In order to improve my driving skills, I decided to participate in the east region races for the first time.
I had no experience in most of the tracks, but I managed to take the title at last.
I feel extremely happy with it.
Thank you to the team staff who have been fighting together, my mechanic, sponsors, my family and everyone who has supported me.
I feel grateful for that.
I still have a lot to learn, so I will do my best to be stronger and more competitive.
Thank you for supporting me.
Yuto Nomura

Comment from Shunsuke Minagi
Qualifying Practice P11
Round 7 Pre Final P7 Final P3
Round 8 Pre Final P15 Final P23
Thanks to everyone who has supported me, DUNLOP and the team staff, I was able to finish the season successfully.
I really appreciate it.
Honestly I feel disappointed with the results in the final round at my home track.
However, I have found a lot of new things this year.
Taking 2 wins this year, which proved my progress, but we should have been more consistent to be a champion.
I will dedicate myself for the title next year, working harder with DUNLOP and the team.
Thank you for supporting me this year.
Shunsuke Minagi

Yuto Nomura


Shunsuke Minagi


Ren Sato