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Press Release : Ronnie Quintarelli participates fully in the EXGEL OK CHAMP 2022

Press Release

Feburary 22, 2022


Ronnie Quintarelli participates fully in the EXGEL OK CHAMP 2022


We are excited to announce that Ronnie Quintarelli, an Italian superstar driver in the Super GT 500, participates in the kart race “EXGEL OK CHAMP 2022”.

EXGEL OK CHAMP is a unique series combining the karting’s flagship category “OK” with the 3 different one-make tires in each event. Ronnie Quintarelli once participated in the event held in June 2021.

EXGEL OK CHAMP takes place again in 2022 at Suzuka Circuit Southern Course, and the Italian star driver competes in all the 3 events with 6 races.

Ronnie Quintarelli is one of the most well-known icons in the Super GT, and his participation in a kart race will motivate a lot of young kart drivers in Japan. With the precious experience with the legend of karting, we hope more and more talented young drivers will step up to the domestic and overseas upper categories, just as  Ronnie Quitarelli have achieved.


Ronnie Quintarelli

” After exactly twenty years, I’m going to participate to a karting top category full season championship and I’m extremely happy about that.

Thanks to karting I could start my motorsport career when I was ten years old learning all my driving skills and thanks to karting results in Europe in those years I could arrive in Japan in 2003 starting my four-wheels motorsport career arriving where I’m now.

This opportunity will definitely make me feel very young again and it is going to be a big challenge for me to race the young most talented drivers here in Japan.

I’m going to prepare myself in the best way as possible together with my team to do well as much as possible.

Many thanks to EXGEL and KRP for this great opportunity.”


EXGEL OK CHAMP 2022 Event Information

Dates :
1st round – May 22nd (DUNLOP One-make)
2nd round – July 17th (YOKOHAMA One-make)
3rd round – August 14th (BRIDGESTONE One-make)

Course:Suzuka Circuit Southern Course


Ronnie Quintarelli Profile

Date of Birth : August 9th 1979
Place of Birth : Verona, Italy
Racing Career :
1990 Karting Debut
2000 Single Seater Debut
2004 Japanese F3 Championship Series Champion
2005 Formula Nippon and Super GT Debut
2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 Super GT Series Champion

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